Essence "Coast N Chill" TE - PREVIEW

The new essence trend edition “coast ‘n’chill” whisks you away to the seaside. Make-up products in blue, sand and warm rosewood shades inspired by the lifestyle at the coast are perfect for laid-back evenings in the late summer.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette

Create trendy eye and eyebrow make-up styles with the silky-matt powder, which has a gorgeous colour gradient ranging from dark to light brown to a highlighter shade.

Available in 01 Good Vibes Only.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Duo Brush

Double-ended brush: the slanted bristles are ideal for emphasizing the brows while the rounded end of the brush is perfect for applying and blending eyeshadow.

Available in 01 Enjoy The Good Vibes!

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Strobing Palette

The three perfectly aligned shades ensure a summery glow – to make the warmer months of the year last a little bit longer.

Available in 01 Be Happy & Shine More!

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Blush Pebbles

Different coloured blush pearls in rosé and gold shades conjureup fresh accents with a light bronzing effect on the cheeks

Available in 01 Cheeks On Fleek.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Makeup Lightening & Darkening Drops

An individual dosage of these drops can make any liquid foundation lighter or darker as needed. Ideal when seasons are changing and tans gradually fade away.

Available in 01 Keep Calm & Make me lighter, 02 Keep Calm & Make me darker.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Caring Lip Balm

The moisturizing balm ensures soft lips and leaves behind a hint of rosewood, which looks especially flattering with a late summer tan.

Available in 01 Fresh-kissed by a rose.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Velvet Matt Liquid Lipstick

The long-lasting, velvety-matt texture can be intensified with each application. Rosewood and dark mauve are a perfect match for mild late summer evenings at the beach.

Available in 01 Smooth & Move, 02 Smooth & Groove.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Nail Polish

Nail polishes with a high coverage in soft colours – like bronze or smokey blue – with a metallic finish or sand effect offer gorgeous manicures to go with subtle summer make-up styles.

Available in 01 Keep Shining, 02 Relax Rosy, 03 Listen to the sound of waves.

Essence "Coast N Chill" - Nail Stickers

The self-adhesive nail stickers with cool images can be combined with the nail polishes or worn on their own for a real coastal feeling.

Available in 01 The Coast & My Nails

Look Of The Week - Rose

Hey loves :)

Today I'll show you one of the looks I created this week. I used my new Colourpop shadow and some Naked 3 shadows as well. Hope you like it :)


Essence "& The Lovely Little Things" TE - PREVIEW

Tell me something…! The new essence trend edition “& the lovely little things” tells enchanting stories about those special little moments that make us happy. All beauties can complete these stories and decide how they unfold.

Essence "& The Lovely Little Things" - Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettes with seven perfectly aligned colours and various effects each – for a multitude of eye make-up styles. The pretty artwork tells small stories from everyday life.

Available in 01 ... & my BFF on the phone, 02 ... & The love story with my wardrobe and 03 ... & Our secret date at midnight.

Essence "& The Little Things" - Face Palette

With two highlighters, two blushes and two contouring colours, this palette is a true all-rounder for the face trends strobing, draping and contouring. Suitable for all skin types.

Available in 01 ... & my crazy family.

Essence "& The Little Things" - Lip Balm

The lipbalms with a rich texture and a subtle strawberry or mango scent ensure pampered lips.

Available in 01 ... & You smile, 02 ... & We kissed.

Essence "& The Little Things" - Nail Polish

Four pretty colours with different effects – satin-matt and high-shine – are sure to turn into true nail friends.

Available in 01 ... & my milky coffee, 02 ... & my matt hat, 03 ... & my satin puddle, 04 ... & my flaky caty.

Essence "& The Little Things" - Nail & Styling Stickers

These sweet stickers turn the nails into eye-catchers in a flash. They can also be used to complete the stories on the eyeshadow and face palettes as well as the nail polishes.

Available in 01 ... & And all the little things that matter.

Essence "& The Little Things" - 2 in 1 Nail File

The 2-in-1 nail file shortens and forms the nails so they’re always in top shape – and the cute design is sure to put a smile on your face.

5 Technology advancements that help with decreasing fat

Hey guys:)
It's 2017 and food can still make you fat, get it together science ;) .. Actually there are many scientific forms of decreasing fat, read below.
The battle against unwanted fats rages on. In spite of many weight loss techniques in the forms of diet, exercise, pills, and surgeries, people still continue to search for alternative weight loss solutions that will help them achieve and maintain their ideal weight. This phenomenon as lead to countless innovations in weight loss technology and is the objective behind today’s most recent technological advancements. Science has, indeed, come a long way to help people live the lives they want with the body they love.
Here are some of the most recent technological advancements that help people shed off their unwanted pounds.

1. Ultrasound Melting
Just approved by the FDA in 2014 and was a popular procedure in Canada for years before that, Ultrasound melting is definitely turning heads. It uses ultrasound to kill fat cells and maintain a good figure. Usually done in 10- 14 separate sessions depending on the amount of fat to be terminated, among all other factors, this procedure claims to decreases waistlines and other areas even during the post- procedure period. 

2. Pills That Mimic Digestion
A new pill is the talk of the town and it claims to help boost metabolism in great levels so the body could absorb, process, and then get rid of the food we eat, even when the person is not actually eating something. The idea behind is that by tricking the body to think that it is consuming something, it will trigger digestion and accelerate fat loss. 

3. Coolsculpting
Does Coolsculpting work? This is the initial reaction of people when they find out that it uses cooling technology to melt fats. Although it sounds weird, people who tried it are saying that it actually works. Coolsculpting is the process by which stubborn fat areas are targeted and frozen and then inducing a natural fat reduction in the cells. This treatment is safe, quick, and non- surgical, which is what most people prefer. 

4. BTL Vanquish Me
An upgraded version of the popular BTL Vanquish, this new treatment also uses high- frequency energy field to target thermal effects into layers of fat. In 4- 6 sessions, it claims to destroy considerable layers of fat. It is a noninvasive technology that ensures fat burning with damaging skin tissues. This is highly popular to many because it is fast, painless, and comfortable for many people.

5. TruScuplt
Highly popular in and outside of the United States, TruSculpt is a procedure that has sparred very well with known fat reduction technologies available. It is a non- surgical, non- invasive procedure that utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) to reduce fat, sculpt and contour the body and remove cellulite. TruSculpt works for all types of skin and is used commonly to target areas like the abdomen, thighs, flanks, and buttocks, among other areas. 

These technologies may be able to provide immediate intervention for fat reduction, but experts still recommend that they must be supplemented and maintained with the right diet and sufficient exercise. Also, please research and get advice from your doctor before doing anything on your own.

Hope you enjoyed today's topic guys :)

Yoins Wishlist*

Hello everyone :)

You all know I love browsing through various websites and this time I came across Yoins. Yoins was established in 2014 with the simple mission to give young people the opportunity to express themselves through high quality fashion at an affordable price. 

They want to be your inspiration to move away from the crowds, to stop following the herd, and to start expressing who you really are. To do this they have brought together the best styles and trends from the catwalk and the street, reworked them to create comfortable, high quality, fashionable clothing, and brought them to you at affordable prices thanks to efficient logistics and close partnerships. 

I browsed through their selection of trendy women's fashion tops and found some amazing ones. They offer various womens fashion tops; I really enjoy their floral printed tops because I love floral print at the moment.

I also love the cold shoulder trend so I picked some of my favourites from their cold shoulder collection of tops.

I saw they also offer a variety of stylish women's cute blouses like these.

And completely fell in love with their blouses with lace details.

What's your favourite item? :)


*sponsored post

Empties #33

Hey guys :)

Another month, another empties post. I really limited myself to buying new things because I feel overwhelmed with the amount of products I own so I really want to use them up.

Gillette Simply Venus - these razors are quite pricey for the amount you get (5) but they really are amazing. I'd totally recommend them because they work like magic.

Repurchase: I did already.

James Read Gradual Tan Mist - in love with this product, I'll be ordering it as soon as possible. Thanks to LookFantastic beauty box for introducing it to me :) I did a review recently -> CLICK.

Repurchase: I most definitely will!

Balea Bahamas Dream Duschgel - I love anything that smells like coconut, so this wasn't the exception :)

Repurchase: Maybe.

Balea Sweet Wonderland Dusche & Creme - this one actually surprised me because I fell in love with the scent and I usually don't like the scent of vanilla or roses however the combination really smells divine.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Dove Caring Protection Nourishing Shower Gel - I usually like Dove shower gels, however this one didn't impress me, even the scent wasn't as nice as other Dove gels.

Repurchase: Not this scent.

Glov Quick Treat Hydro Demaquillage - I really tried to love this product, I really did, I even took it with me to Egypt. However I hate it. The concept is nice, you can remove the whole face of makeup with a little piece of towel with only water. It works nice, but mine started smelling so bad even though I washed it with soap like it says you're suppose to do to clean it, and air dried it.

Repurchase: Definitely not.

Loreal Solution Micellare - nice micellar water, nothing special however.

Repurchase: Probably no.

Malizia Fresh Care Deodorant Spray - I did enjoy this deodorant, worked really nice.

Repurchase: I might.

Madara Fine Line Minimising Cream - I did like this cream, used it under my foundation and it worked nice. Another product I'm glad I got the chance to try it in LookFantastic beauty box.

Repurchase: Maybe.

Avon Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining Eye Gel Mask - used it up finally, but I didn't notice any results at all.

Repurchase: No.

Polaar Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser - this felt nice on the skin but somehow the ball applicator broke and I had to remove it. I used it up anyway but there was such a small amount of product in there, I'm pretty sure it wasn't 10 ml like it says on the packaging -.-

Repurchase: No.

Isadora Wondernail Nail Polish 750 Polar Nights - nice nail polish, but totally not worth the price in my opinion. This one dried up because I didn't use it since I now have a job that doesn't let me have painted nails.

Repurchase: No.

Brow Brush - Got it on Ebay and loved it for years since it finally broke :D

Repurchase: I bought another from Avon.

Essence "Beach Cruisers" LE  Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - I really loved this eyeliner. It had a beautiful bronze metallic finish and it looked amazing. Too bad it was limited edition.

Repurchase: It was limited edition unfortunately.

Avon True Colour Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner Black Ice - a black eyeliner with silver glitter in it. The glitter isn't very visible, it's quite subtle and I really enjoyed it. I love the Avon's diamonds collection.

Repurchase: Yes in the future.

Balea Sea Salt Mask - sea salt seems to do wonders for my skin and this mask really works great. My skin feels clean and soft.

Repurchase: I will yes.

And we came to the end :) Hope you enjoyed!


3 Reasons That Choosing The Right Moisturizer Is Critical For Helping With Rosacea

Hey everyone!

It’s unfortunate that not all of us are blessed with good genes. While some flaunt flawless skin with minimal effort, the rest of us are coerced into using various products to prevent the outbreak of acne, rosacea, and various skin conditions.

So, what is Rosacea exactly?

Well, in a nutshell, it is a skin condition where the victims suffer from swelling, redness and acne-like breakouts. And, the symptoms usually show on the face—our most important physical asset. Despite extensive research, scientists haven't been able to find the exact cause of the condition yet. However, they have been able to identify the factors that trigger the condition and some of them include an overexposure to the sun light, stress, exhaustion, and spicy food etc.

What are some of the symptoms of Rosacea?

In addition to causing redness, swelling, and the breakout of acne, victims of the condition also suffer from a burning sensation that is usually experienced in the eyes. The condition also plays an atrocious role in preventing the retention of moisture in the skin. Therefore, it is imperative for one to use the right moisturizer when suffering from rosacea.

Here are 3 reasons why choosing the right moisturizer is critical for helping with Rosacea

  • Using the right moisturizer is of paramount importance for people with rosacea. Victims of the condition usually have a weak skin barrier. Hence, these barriers can be easily broken because of external factors. And, when that happens, the nerve endings of the skin are exposed to pollution and other factors such as skincare products. In order to ensure that the barrier is protected well and preserved, the right moisturizer must be used extensively.

  • As mentioned earlier, rosacea prevents the retention of moisture in the skin. Therefore, one must use a moisturizer order to prevent dry skin. However, it is advisable for the victims to purchase a moisturizer that is mild on the skin and does not possess harsh ingredients. We discussed earlier that an overexposure to the sun can play an atrocious role in triggering flare ups. Therefore, it is imperative for one to choose a moisturizer that boasts of a high SPF (sun protection factor). The moisturizer should provide a minimum of SPF 15 protection.  

  • Not all moisturizers are the same. There are various different types of moisturizers in the market that have been specifically formulated to be used for specific skin types - dry, oily, sensitive skin etc. A victim of Rosacea should only opt for moisturizers that don't boast of unnecessary and triggering ingredients such as alcohol and fragrances. When searching for a moisturizer to help with Rosacea, one should look for a product that provides moisture to the skin without irritating the skin. Therefore, one must not use products that contain the following ingredients; eucalyptus, menthol, acetone, camphor, urea, and retinol etc. Instead, one must pick moisturizers that have ingredients that can provide relief and have a soothing effect such as aloe, green tea, and chamomile. These ingredients can also reduce the redness and inflammation of the skin.

For information on the right moisturizers to use for rosacea, please do visit the site,

Dermalex Cream for Rosacea

Hope you enjoyed, Happy Monday <3